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Being young, rich and fly is a lifestyle few get to experience but for Diggy Simmons, it’s daily routine.

Since growing up in front of the cameras on MTV’s Run’s House and getting Kanye West’s attention with his “Made You Look” freestyle in 2010, the 20-year-old jetsetter is embracing his fabulous life.

Proof: His new single, “Can’t Relate.” With a cameo from rapper Yo Gotti, Diggy flaunts his baller status, singing, “Baby, I can give you everything that you want but your man just can’t relate.” (#Shots!)

“This is one of my favorite records I’ve made in a long time,” he tells VIBE. “It’s a song about the life I live and there was no one better that I could’ve had talk that talk better than Gotti.”

The flossy track, produced by Cy Fyre, B. Ham and Peter Lee Johnson and co written by Verse Simmonds of the MBM Firm, goes down smooth for any hustler getting their money up. Listen to Diggy’s latest below.

Source : http://www.vibe.com/2015/04/premiere-diggy-simmons-cant-relate-yo-gotti/

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